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reflections black Cammy

shadowldychunli in deltaredcosplay

Delta Red Debut SDCC 2008

Currently it looks like just Luwanda and Ginzu (Battle suit versions) may be debuting for SDCC. Anyone else interested in joining, please comment.

Current cast (not all attending):
Cammy- illiara
Luwanda- shadowldychunli
Ginzu- MAB-do-ken
McCoy- Ward

Current openings *including doubles/variations*:
Col. Wolfman (military uniform and battle suit versions)
Cammy (military uniform and DR battle suit versions)
McCoy (military uniform and battle suit versions)
Luwanda (military uniform)
Ginzu (military uniform)
Lt. Hanna (military uniform)

If you're interested in joining, comment to let me know, and I'll pass along ref art right away!