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Here's lookin' at you kid

ivyf15 in deltaredcosplay

Comic Con 2008

Hey everyone out there watching our page! Delta Red Cosplay will be debuting at San Diego Comic Con this year so keep your eyes open (and we'll try to get pictures up after the con)! You *might* also see us in bison_for_prez or projectclcd related costumes over the weekend as well. For those attending Comic Con, make sure to check out the Street Fighter IV panel on Thursday!

For other Street Fighter related events and booths, make sure to check out the Capcom booth, Udon Comics, SOTA Toys (They'll be carrying 2 pack exclusives of R. Mika and Zangief as well as Dhalsim and E. Honda. They'll also be carrying the Turbo Sagat Statue -sculpted by Alexi Bustamante) and Sideshow (they'll be carrying the statues sculpted by Jerry Macaluso -I think they'll just be displayed at SDCC, but make sure to take a look as they are quite impressive).